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19 Search Results

SEASIDE® was recently named The World's Best Beach for Families by Travel & Leisure magazine, listed in USA Today's"Top 10 Best Beach Towns in Florida" (2013), and was cited in Frommer's list of "Top 12 Destinations of the world" (2010)!

If you look at the map of South Walton’s 30A you will find Seaside, Florida just about in the middle. Seaside was founded in 1981 and was at the leading edge of a new movement in land planning, known as New Urbanism. Seaside was the first of its kind, creating the model for towns across America. The award winning design by Miami architects Andres Duany and Elizabeth Plater-Zyberk allows Seaside vacation rental guests to enjoy narrow streets and paths that encourage walking and biking. Look closely and you will find that each cozy Seaside vacation house has a unique picket fence; no two are alike. Roads and walking paths are integrated with Watercolor and Seagrove Beach for a "walk-to-anywhere" design that works to bring necessary shops and services to its residents and guests. Seaside, Florida is home to a gourmet food market, multiple art galleries, a Saturday farmers market and boutique shopping all centered on a town square with an outdoor amphitheater. Featured in the 1997 motion picture The Truman Show, Seaside vacation guests have a wonderful place to explore and of course, its private beach is extraordinary.

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